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About Black Paws


Black Paws Photography is the fully realized labor of love for photographer Demi Buckley.  It permits him to apply his talents to a wide array of photographic outlets, allowing for a number of specialized services in the Chicagoland area to help fit your particular needs.  In addition to standard photographic services, some of his specialties include (but are not limited to):
 Property/Commercial Photography
     First impressions are often critical for most real estate and commercial interests.  Whether you are selling/renting a home, or
     looking to provide striking visual images to advertise your business, Black Paws can help.  By applying professional
     photographic and development techniques, Demi will work to give you the sort of beautiful graphical results you need to stand
     out from the competition.  Rates start as low as $125 per home/MLS listing - see gallery images below for examples.  Additionally, we can provide professional floor plans, if needed, for a competitive rate of $70.
     Pet Photography/Portraiture
     With his deep abiding affection for all creatures great and small, Demi's love of animals is richly reflected in his art.  If you and
     your animal friend(s) would like to capture some everlasting memories of your own, Demi would love to discuss your ideas with
     you. Rates start as low as $175.
    Fine Art /Travel Photography
     If you are looking for original artwork, Demi maintains a large catalog of travel and fine art prints for sale.  All photos are professionally printed by a high-quality lab in the USA.  Visit our online gallery, which is updated regularly, to view the latest available prints.
Demi lives with his family (including three handsome felines and a charming pup) in the NW 'burbs of Chicago.


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 is a full service brokerage and an easy-to-use online real estate resource that helps people find the perfect home as well as the ideal neighborhood.  Black Paws has worked extensively with on local projects.  Check out just a few examples of our work at the following links:
Oak Brook, IL 
Naperville, IL
Aurora, IL


Fridman Properties is a real estate services company offering furnishing, design, management and education services for Airbnb and other short 
term rentals.  Founder Ran Fridman promises Fridman Properties is a a place where "Good landlords meet with good tenants".
Specializing in Chicago homes, multi-unit residential, investment property, and condos for sale, with agent Colleen Colombo you have FOUND your realtor resource for buying and/or selling your next home or investment!


Please note that Black Paws' photographic services aren't limited to those listed above.  If you've got a project, Demi would love to hear from you.  Please drop him a line at or call (847) 915-0728 to get the ball rolling. 

Click here to check us out and follow us on Facebook.  And don't forget, you can also visit Demi's online gallery
to peruse his current listing of fine art prints for sale.

                                  All pictures  ©Black Paws Photography

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